Eventually you get to your balls

In the early stage of Louis CK’s career, after 15 years of doing standup comedy, he said it was like going around a circle which didn’t take him anywhere.

His jokes was mediocre and he couldn’t quit either because he couldn’t find any other job. So it was a shitty situation and he was trapped.

Louis listened to a CD from George Carlin who shared an idea which blew him away: “chuck out old material and start every show again with nothing”.

Louis thought it was crazy, it took 15 years for him to collect all of his shitty jokes. If he through them away, he had got nothing. But he did it anyway because he had no other option.

Here’s one excerpt from Louis’s video to honor George Carlin, in which he definitely had to hold back his tears:

“When you’re done telling jokes about airplanes and dogs, and you throw those away, what do you have left? You can only dig deeper. Start talking about, you know, your feelings, and who you are. And you do those jokes and they’re gone. You gotta dig deeper. So then you start thinking about your fears and your nightmares, and doing jokes about that. And then they’re gone. And you just start going into weird shit … And eventually you get to your balls.”

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