isn’t going to be something big & that’s ok

Here’s the traffic of recently.

There are just less than 10 people frequently visiting the site. They are my close friends, only visit to see what’s going on, I guess, lol.

That’s fine, wasn’t intended to be something big in the first place anyway. It’s my toy project at the weekend when I don’t know what to do.

From startup’s perspective, the market always gives the ultimate judgement about whether you have a product good enough. In this case, it’s obviously not a product market fit, there’s no need for it. So yeah, it’s the time to move on.

Image from this awesome blog post

From now on, will be kept as my personal blog for journaling my thought. At the beginning of each day, I’ll write down what I think and share it on The first post will be about My daily routine. I’ll also share my take on topics which I care about, it could be anything: ideas, SouthPark, home, love, friendship …

As I’m writing this, I don’t know why but it feels great. I feel excited to write a new blog post.

To people who’s reading this, I hope you feel the same. Thanks for your continuous support and have a great day.


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